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Spiritual Awakenings

The month of December will offer Unlimited Opportunities to connect with Source, plus provide answers to your most Heart-Felt questions.

December is a 7 month and according to Numerology,  7 represents authenticity.  You’ll find that you are continuously being pulled back to your Values the values you place on every area of your life.  Perhaps you see more than ever, personal thoughts, feelings and activities that hold you back – that block available gifts that would result in an abundant life.

December will guide you with the knowing that you are strong and empowered and that your power comes from within rather than externally.

And with this inner strength and power, you are able to manifest the life you have only dreamed of – a life without hardships.

You’ll find that it is possible to take more time for enjoyed creative pursuits and eliminate many of your endless duties.

What have you put off for the last year or perhaps for most of your life?  Take a moment to review what these may be.  Better yet, take the entire month to review.

Begin the practice of journaling.  Begin with 15 minutes.  Pick a time right now and commit.  Perhaps you will use the 7 o’clock hour, either am or pm.  Tell yourself that this one act will begin eliminating emotional dramas and put you in touch with the Unlimited Opportunities available.  And this 15 minutes will pave the way to begin living an authentic life based on your values.

Open yourself up to be a clear channel to your secret desires, your Passions and Purpose.  Tap into your Potential.

Then expect the Unexpected!!

Discover your right place in the world.

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Powerful Tools for Attracting Abundance!

tools for attracting abundance

Tools to use to Attract Abundance

These are truly Amazing and Abundant times we are in. However it may be difficult to avoid the feelings of being on a roller coaster ride with it’s many personal ups and downs.

Please don’t allow yourself to get caught in the external turbulence, as you have your own internal battles to fight. Actually it’s not about fighting nor battling it’s more about discovering – discovering your Truths!

Ask yourself what are my Truths?  What excites me? How can I be myself, not my shoulds or anyone else’s expectations.

If you haven’t done so, you MUST take the time to look at every area of your life and clear out the clutter.  What no longer works for you?  What no longer represents your Passions, Purpose and Potential? As you are clearing out, begin replacing what does not work with what Does Work. It’s a process, so go at a speed that works for you – But Go!  Move Forward!!  Just Do It!!!

This is a time of self-actualization. Self-actualization is not about Ego or selfishness, It is living your unique Natural Gifts and Passions in a Purposeful way – Living out your Life’s Purpose as a way of life and a means to give back with Compassion & Love – Waking up in the morning with enthusiasm and excitement at the day’s potential.  This is truly an Abundant Life!


#1 – Focus: You must stay focused so every thought, feeling & activity represents your goals, intentions & desires.

#2 – Meditation, Prayer, Stillness: Make the time

#3 – Live your Passions: What truly excites you – your natural gifts, talents, your unique Being

#4 – Contribute – Give Back: Share your gifts and resources with others.

#5 – View the world with New Eyes: See the beauty in people, nature, everything that surrounds you

#6 – Family and Friends: Bonding with others – enjoying supportive & intimate connections

#7 – Living in the Moment: Makes you less apt to miss out on many awesome opportunities

#8 – Gratitude: Appreciation for the little things in your life

#9 – Allowing: Letting go of control and allowing your Desires to manifest

#10 – Partake in nature’s abundance: Have fun Playing outdoors

#11 – Don’t sweat the small stuff: Focus instead on your Purpose & Passions

Live Passionately with Purpose!  Life is Grand!!

Contact me for support with processing and giving form to your ideas and insights.  Bring Passion back into your life by knowing who you are and where you are going  – truly living your Life’s Purpose!

Victoria Helm

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Nature Will Show You the Way!

Let Nature Show You The Way

Nature will show you the way

I just had the most beautiful experience!!! relaxing in the warm embrace of a hot tub while visually taking in the spectacular views that surround and nurture me.  I remind myself to never forget the power nature has to absorb my negativity and fears.  The immense redwoods are next to me representing the strong and protective Father and the ocean far below just past the valley is the Mother who sooths my emotional body.  I feel I’m in Heaven!

As I sit here above the fog line with the clouds high overhead, I get a feeling of existing between two worlds.  One World that’s gentle, where “everything is going to be alright”, where there is no separation, where oneness, compassion and Love IS the reality.  And the other World?  You know, the one with all the chatter, worry and struggle.  We always have a choice!  Guess which World I choose – Yes the same one you want too.  Why would I or anyone else wish to live life  any other way?

Allow nature to show you the way – pointing to a life where you can easily express your Passions, Purpose & Potential.  A life that consists of living Your Truths, not someone else’s.  A life where you fully breath in all the Universal support and breath out Compassion and Love for All.

Step outdoors for a moment – Promise yourself you will.  Let nature into your heart, talk to her, let her have your worries and fears. Take in her wisdom and unconditional Love.  Envision right now what life could look like.  BE………….. in nature and the answers will be revealed.

Here’s my challenge to you:

~ Schedule Nature Time this weekend.  Write it down – include it in your daily calendar as a requirement just like eating & sleeping.  Perhaps you’ll decide to explore a new area, play catch in the park, have an outdoor picnic, or begin a garden.  Have fun Heart-Storming your ideas.

~ Enjoy & Relax! While outdoors, truly BE in the moment without thinking of the to-do’s that await you once you get back to the house.  Assume a child’s attitude of playfulness, innocence and curiosity.

~ Replay your experience at the end of the day by talking about it, sharing it with others, journaling and feeling ever so grateful for life and your freedom to choose.   What has nature taught you?  I’ll be waiting for your responses :-)

~ Lastly, Contact me for support with processing and giving form to your ideas and insights.  Bring Passion back into your life by knowing who you are and where you are going  – truly living your Life’s Purpose!

Victoria Helm

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