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Spiritual Awakenings

The month of December will offer Unlimited Opportunities to connect with Source, plus provide answers to your most Heart-Felt questions.

December is a 7 month and according to Numerology,  7 represents authenticity.  You’ll find that you are continuously being pulled back to your Values the values you place on every area of your life.  Perhaps you see more than ever, personal thoughts, feelings and activities that hold you back – that block available gifts that would result in an abundant life.

December will guide you with the knowing that you are strong and empowered and that your power comes from within rather than externally.

And with this inner strength and power, you are able to manifest the life you have only dreamed of – a life without hardships.

You’ll find that it is possible to take more time for enjoyed creative pursuits and eliminate many of your endless duties.

What have you put off for the last year or perhaps for most of your life?  Take a moment to review what these may be.  Better yet, take the entire month to review.

Begin the practice of journaling.  Begin with 15 minutes.  Pick a time right now and commit.  Perhaps you will use the 7 o’clock hour, either am or pm.  Tell yourself that this one act will begin eliminating emotional dramas and put you in touch with the Unlimited Opportunities available.  And this 15 minutes will pave the way to begin living an authentic life based on your values.

Open yourself up to be a clear channel to your secret desires, your Passions and Purpose.  Tap into your Potential.

Then expect the Unexpected!!

Discover your right place in the world.

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November – The Month of Love & Gratitude

Love & Graditude

Love & Graditude

It’s time to stop and consider all you have and give THANKS!

As a Numerologist, I consider November to be a 6 month.   With Venus as it’s ruler,  6 represents Love, Togetherness, Forgiveness, Harmony within, Balance, Home & Community.   Interesting that this ties into the American celebration of Thanksgiving.

I’ve witnessed its effects all around me.  People’s hearts are softening, misunderstandings are being cleared up, loved-ones are noticing enchanting qualities in the other and forming new bonds.  Intimate conversations are revealing secret Joys, Passions, Hopes and Dreams as well as Fears.  You may have noticed this too.  If so, I’d love to hear your stories.

Compassion is the name of the game.  Compassion is the focus of the month and the seeds being planted to create a New Us and a New World!

Take the time to really feel the Love within your heart.  Allow this feeling to manifest into a Spirit of generosity and good will to all.  To only think of your own well being and personal desires will bring disappointment and separation.  Do not miss the opportunity to give of yourself.

Since many of you will be celebrating Thanksgiving, a time of sharing food, conversation and blessings with one another, take this time to:

  •  Spread kindness and share what you can.
  •  Note all that you are grateful for, and write it down before you go to sleep.
  •  Find it in your heart to forgive, yourself and others.
  •  Review your lifestyle and rewrite the script.

Remember:  “At the end of the day, Love and Compassion will win” – Terry Waite


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