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Looking for Perfection

Victoria Helm- Personal Mapping

Looking for Perfection

I found myself driving around my small community searching for the perfect spot to sit and enjoy my lunch.  I had made it conditional. I would not stop until I found a place in the warmth of the sun, a bench for my back versus the grass, and most certainly it needed to be by the bay to receive the healing effects of the water.  Up and down the streets I drove until I realized I was becoming tense and if I did not locate the ideal lunch spot soon, my lunch break would be over.  My mind took a life of its own, insisting that I must continue searching or I would not be happy.

When out of the blue, an intense feeling washed over me and it most definitely was not coming from my mind. It was one of those Aha moments, no words, just a knowing that I was going about this in the wrong manner – demanding, controlling and making this exploration for the perfect spot hard and difficult.  I became aware that the perfect place to eat, or anything else for that matter, did not exist!  At that moment of  knowing, I knew I had the ability to see perfection in it all, in every encounter, in every person, and in myself!! All that was required was to look beneath and beyond my preconceived notions.  If I could just surrender to the moment of what is, not attempt to make it anything else and not try to fix it as if it were wrong.

What a beautiful concept… to find perfection in everything.

I was connecting with my heart, a heart that knows only Love.  And from this heart-space I then connected  with my Senses – so many unexpected delights found in the awareness of my senses.  I enjoyed the Sounds of the seagulls communicating to one another, the methodical and calming waves reaching the shore and the happy conversations among the walkers.  The Visuals would soften any one’s heart and melt any body tension – visually I was witnessing and becoming a part of nature.  Lastly, the Feel of the sun’s warm rays upon my body and within my Soul enveloped me with its blanket.  This simple, yet profound realization allowed me to relish my lunch and surroundings plus receive so many unexpected and spontaneous delights.

To have had this awareness of the perfection in absolutely everything is an insight I will not likely forget!!!



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