Life Path Number


Being fully prepared for those sudden turns in life;

Finding your passion and discovering your authentic self;

Being truly empowered;

Being focused and aware rather than adrift;

Having more insight into your emotions;

Experiencing freedom from limitations;

Attaining your dreams…imagine that.

Determine your Number:

How to arrive at one of your many personality traits (Life Path Number) using your birthdate according to Numerology.

Simply add your birth month, day and year together one digit at a time.

For example: let’s use  as your birthday: March, 5, 1955

3 for March, 5 is the day and 1955 is the year, so

3+5+1+9+5+5 = 28

Now reduce total to one digit and you get:

2+8 = 10 1+0 = 1 personality trait

Let’s try another example: March, 12, 1972

3+1+2+1+9+7+2 = 25

and when you reduce 25 down to one number you get:

2+5 = 7 personality trait

And one more: November 28, 1941

1+1+2+8+1+9+4+1 = 27

and when you reduce 27 down to one number

2+7 = 9 personality trait

Now let’s use Numerology to look at the MEANING of each personality trait:

1 Independent, original, dominant, leader, pioneer and solitary

2 Peacemaker, detail oriented, sensitive, relationships are important

3 Expression, artistic, creative, child like, social

4 Organization, disciplined, practical, a worker, logical and reliable

5 Freedom, change, variety, social, sensual, experience, and can be excessive

6 Responsibility, home, love, family, service to others and adjustment

7 Knowledge, mental, spiritual, introspection, perfection and aloneness

8 Money, management, business, ambition, stamina, control and efficient

9 Universal, the jack of all trades, a humanitarian, emotional, artistic, limitless

.….I have been working with Victoria Helm for many years now and am consistently amazed at how her Personal Mapping system is always so accurate. I find her insights incredibly helpful in interpreting the events that unfold in my life. These insights also help me navigate any potentially challenging waters with a sense of ease and grace. I am grateful to know such a gifted professional and highly recommend her skills and talents. Rani, California



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