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What does receiving mean to you?  What thoughts and feelings come up when you hear the word?  Does the word conjure up visions of people handing you money and gifts?
Receiving is not so much about being pro-active, mentally planning what and how you wish to receive (not that it can’t happen that way)  But it is more about getting out of your own way, so to speak……… Receiving with no expectations, being in a state of wonder, awe, curiosity and serendipity.
Whether you are receiving inner guidance, or external happenings, receiving requires a heart connection, surrendering to the moment verses thinking of the future or past.  Perhaps instead of driving to your local coffee/tea house, you decide to walk.  When walking, you become more aware visually….the breath-taking views you’ve never had the time to notice, birds in flight, soaring with the wind currents, the brilliant and contrasting colors of flowers in bloom, the moon still available for viewing in early morning, the smells of freshly mowed grass or of a wood stove needed for the early morning chill.  Or perhaps you meet someone new and intriguing that lives just down the road.
Feminine in nature, receiving is the yang verses the yin…..the parasympathetic response verses flight or flight.  BEing in the Moment.


Take the time to Receive.  For one whole day, one afternoon or at least one hour, allow time for receiving – during which you consciously let go of controlling any of your thoughts and activities, or planning what you’ll do after your receiving period is over :)  Pretend you are a child on a new adventure; being, walking, or biking somewhere you’ve never been before.
See with new eyes, feel with new senses and hear with new ears…..the world and your surroundings.  This is your vacation, a vacation from your life of shoulds, heaviness and difficulty.  And you’ll find the more you take time to receive, the more it will naturally become a part of your lifestyle, creating balance and a peaceful-ness.  This will be your awesome gift for allowing yourself to Receive.

Be well, happy and joy-filled…………….

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