Three Desires For Life Fulfillment

After taking a pole with many of my clients, I find that no matter their age (ranging from 18- 90) they all have the very same three desires in life.  Can you imagine what they would be?

#1 – Their Purpose:  What did I come in to this life to manifest and live out?

#2 – To Understand and Live Their Passions:  What has really excited me in the past and am still passionate about now?  Or perhaps new ideas not yet experienced, but none the less are heart-felt desires.

#3 – To Contribute Back:  How can I use my Passions and Purpose as a means to give back?

This is the time to live Your life to it’s fullest, not someone else’s.  Stop right now!  Express to a friend and/or loved one your passionate desires on how you plan to live your Life’s Purpose.  Don’t be shy!

2 Responses to “Three Desires For Life Fulfillment”

  • admin:

    I think this is important in its simplicity. This makes sense, thanks Victoria.


  • victoriahelm:

    Thanks Irene,
    Yes, life should and can be simple. Why do we feel the need to make it so complicated? :-)

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