November 22nd

According to Numerology, 22 is a Master Number and is written 22/4.  It represents unlimited power with dreams taking form leaving tangible achievements.

I always use the 22nd day as if I am the master builder with my motives being more Universal rather than just personal.  For example, I may decide to organize a Heartstorming group to support each other’s dreams and passions.  Or I may receive an on-line invitation to become a member of a sustainability organization.  Perhaps I devise a practical solution to one of my mole hills that I’ve made into a mountain :-)  Maybe I launch a new project or business that I’ve been building.  Or simply getting some of my affairs in order (that I’ve put off) so as to free me up in a larger way.

This is truly a day of Infinite Possibilities and a day to live your Purpose, Passions and Potential.  Go for it!

I’d love to hear back how you intend to use this opportunity from a more Spiritual and Idealistic angle?

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