Nature Will Show You the Way!

Let Nature Show You The Way

Nature will show you the way

I just had the most beautiful experience!!! relaxing in the warm embrace of a hot tub while visually taking in the spectacular views that surround and nurture me.  I remind myself to never forget the power nature has to absorb my negativity and fears.  The immense redwoods are next to me representing the strong and protective Father and the ocean far below just past the valley is the Mother who sooths my emotional body.  I feel I’m in Heaven!

As I sit here above the fog line with the clouds high overhead, I get a feeling of existing between two worlds.  One World that’s gentle, where “everything is going to be alright”, where there is no separation, where oneness, compassion and Love IS the reality.  And the other World?  You know, the one with all the chatter, worry and struggle.  We always have a choice!  Guess which World I choose – Yes the same one you want too.  Why would I or anyone else wish to live life  any other way?

Allow nature to show you the way – pointing to a life where you can easily express your Passions, Purpose & Potential.  A life that consists of living Your Truths, not someone else’s.  A life where you fully breath in all the Universal support and breath out Compassion and Love for All.

Step outdoors for a moment – Promise yourself you will.  Let nature into your heart, talk to her, let her have your worries and fears. Take in her wisdom and unconditional Love.  Envision right now what life could look like.  BE………….. in nature and the answers will be revealed.

Here’s my challenge to you:

~ Schedule Nature Time this weekend.  Write it down – include it in your daily calendar as a requirement just like eating & sleeping.  Perhaps you’ll decide to explore a new area, play catch in the park, have an outdoor picnic, or begin a garden.  Have fun Heart-Storming your ideas.

~ Enjoy & Relax! While outdoors, truly BE in the moment without thinking of the to-do’s that await you once you get back to the house.  Assume a child’s attitude of playfulness, innocence and curiosity.

~ Replay your experience at the end of the day by talking about it, sharing it with others, journaling and feeling ever so grateful for life and your freedom to choose.   What has nature taught you?  I’ll be waiting for your responses :-)

~ Lastly, Contact me for support with processing and giving form to your ideas and insights.  Bring Passion back into your life by knowing who you are and where you are going  – truly living your Life’s Purpose!

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4 Responses to “Nature Will Show You the Way!”

  • Sounds like you live in one of the most gorgeous places on earth! While I love living in the city, I do crave more nature, especially as I get older. I will make it a point to get out and about this weekend. Maybe even over to the lake, weather depending.

  • victoriahelm:

    Thanks Hana for your comment – yes, this area is gorgeous to me. I suppose we can find beauty anywhere and everywhere.
    I’ll be curious to hear what insights you may have had while at the lake. Enjoy the experience!

  • carina wagner:

    Hi Victoria,
    Thank you for your wonderful blog reminding me to slow down, take time out for fun, quiet and rest! Your words are like little sparks of light turning me back onto myself where true knowing is always silently waiting… I’m taking your advise and am on my way to Orr Hot Springs this weekend to do very little… and rest a lot! Thanks so much, Victoria.
    Blessings and peace,
    Carina Wagner

  • victoriahelm:

    Hot Springs………………….what a wonderful idea. Now you’ve become my little spark :-)

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