HeartStorm Your Way to a Joy-Filled Life!

Step away!  Step away from your life for 15 minutes.  Whether you are an over-achiever with a long list of responsibilities (to do’s) that you’ll never complete.  Or you’re an under-achiever who aspires to ‘someday isle.’  Perhaps you begin many creative projects, but never follow through.  Or feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  It doesn’t matter what sort of lifestyle you have created, just STOP long enough to take a deep breath and re-boot.  Heartstorming has become my replacement for Brainstorming.  It’s much more expansive, creative and inspirational.  Heartstorming is generally done where 2 or more people come together with the clear intent to support and add to each others insights, ideas and visions creating an ‘anything is possible’ environment. However, a solo heartstorming session with yourself works too.This doesn’t mean you downplay the use of your mind and mental ideas.  Heartstorming combines both the head and the heart in a sphere of endless possibilities.  A time period in which light-heartedness, hope, creative out of the box thinking prevails.  I put heartstorming to use six years ago when I had a clear insight that I needed to leave the security of Colorado, get rid of all my belongings and begin traveling – a journey to uncover my personal values and my authentic self.  This decision did not go without a bit of anxiety, as it wasn’t something I knew firsthand or ever experienced.  That is where Heartstorming entered the picture.  I gathered supportive friends to ‘set fire’ to and nurture my passions, potential and purpose.  We discussed challenges, solved problems and explored opportunities.  I always left our sessions with more clarity and direction.

4 Responses to “HeartStorm Your Way to a Joy-Filled Life!”

  • John:

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  • victoriahelm:

    thanks for your comment john – my attempt at creating freedom in my life and others :-) do you reside in the US?

  • Marie:

    Hello Victoria,
    I came across your site and I paused when I read what you said you did 6 years ago. I am in search of a vision at this moment. Flat broke as my latest solo gig just ended, I have time opening in front of me, but to do what? I feel I have difficulty imagining the possible directions I want my life to go and especially how I would like to begin. It is a big opportunity as I don’t want to think of it as a crisis. What did you find 6 years ago?

  • victoriahelm:

    I am always asking myself “am I living my natural gifts and passions” to make certain I’m on track. Six years ago, I found I needed to experience more of the world – to get out of my little ‘me’ world, so to speak. I decided to release all my belongings and explore the US.
    In my workshops and with my clients, we go over their natural talents and what makes them happy. We then put together a new, fresh life plan.
    I am finding most everyone is at this point in their lives, no matter if their 18 or 80. They’re wanting to take their truths and live them in a joyous manner :-)

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