Healthy Relating

What is your idea of  healthy relationships?  Is it one that’s nurturing, supportive and empowering?  One that allows you to excitedly share all of your crazy ideas without judgement.  One that cares enough to talk over disagreements and misunderstandings so they don’t fester and cause resentment later.  One that enjoys the sharing of each other’s recent activities and listens intently.

Please take a few moments right now to journal this question.  It’s perfectly alright for some of your ideas to represent what no longer works……… get to what does work.

December will be a wonderful month to redefine how you wish to relate to others and how you wish others to relate to you. According to Numerology, December is a 6 universal month which will bring our focus to Loving Relationships, Community, Education, and Health.

Enjoy the Love & Sharing  :-)

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