Don’t Worry Too Much It Will Happen To You

Have you ever met up with someone that you immediately connect with on a soul level?  On a level so deep that you can’t find words to convey?  So powerful that it knocks you off track?  So intense that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry? If not, don’t worry too much it will happen to you!

A small voice in you says I recognize you from long ago.   I remember feeling this way, without all the shoulds, the protective walls; a carefree childlike-ness that bubbles up from your core. If not, don’t worry too much it will happen to you!!

You are OK with feeling vulnerable because you feel safe – no fears.  You are OK with letting go of control because you are healing lifetimes of struggle.  You are OK with revealing the skeletons in your closet because you feel such openness.  Don’t worry too much it will happen to you!!!

As a life coach I hear so many transformational stories related to reconnecting with your Passions, Potential and Life Purpose – feeling unlimited possibilities.   Above is a personal story when it happened to me!

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