Being Bad is Good

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Being BAD is GOOD!  If there is one thing we can strive to be “BAD” at, it’s vacillation.  Being good at vacillating causes stress and feelings of being stuck. No one wants that.  Although it’s becoming an epidemic among all of us.  Whatever the issues are, we spend more time going back and forth than if we just did it!

Right Now, this very moment, let’s all commit and hold each other accountable to do 1 (only one) thing we’ve been putting off.   Whether it’s a one-time action like telling a loved one you are sorry, or beginning a long-term exercise program, or creating a new and fresh lifestyle Plan.  Take the time now to commit to something that will make a difference in your life.  Do you want 10 or 20 years to go by and still vacillate over IT?

One vacillation I commit to is to spend more time with family and friends without rushing the experience.  At the end of my life, I won’t look back at all of the ‘to dos’ I’ve accomplished, rather I will treasure all the ‘heart moments’ I’ve had.

What vacillation will you commit to eliminating?  I’d love to hear back :-)

“Only those who are willing to risk going too far will be able to find out how far one can go.”

~T. S. Elliott

4 Responses to “Being Bad is Good”

  • Alice Mayfield:

    Hi Victoria!
    This is great because I just committed to doing something for myself in my kitchen. I’ve been visualizing new kitchen counter tops for quite sometime now. And just yesterday I went down, picked out the granite that I liked, made the commitment so I will have a fresh look in my kitchen…where I spend a lot of time. I will continue preparing my healthy lifestyle of nutritious foods in a shining new atmosphere, making me more emotionally healthy.
    Love, Alice

  • Karin:

    Hi Victoria…I have been doing some of these “scary” things that I had been putting off and it wasn’t at all as difficult as my mind made it out to be and the benefits have been tremendous! I had a couple of bad habits I knew I should give up and I did. What helped was going away to this off grid ranch where my friend lives and living there for a week. I spent a LOT of time in solitude, alone in nature.When I came home I did not want to start up these two old “bad” habits again and just go back to my same old routine.
    Thanks for your encouragement.
    Karin Lease

  • victoriahelm:

    Congratulations Karin – nature and silence can be so very empowering! Thanks for your feedback :-)

  • victoriahelm:

    Kudos to you Alice – that you committed to eliminate an energy drainer and…….create a healthier you. You go girl!

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