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Clarity and Direction Are Within Your Reach

Don’t give up now.  You are almost there!

Clarity & Direction

Clarity & Direction

Would a long distanced runner stop a few inches in front of the finish line and say “I don’t deserve this, it’s far too scary” or have doubts they made the wrong decision?   Now that there is momentum, why would they retreat?

The same holds true with you.  The ideas and insights you are receiving have momentum and movement.  They have already been birthed.  Now they are energized, growing and moving forward.  That is unless your fears and uncertainties stop them in their tracks or your overly analytical mind attempts to rationalize your heart’s desires.

Don’t allow this to happen!  As we get closer to March, we will begin feeling a slight nudge reminding us to have faith in ourselves. Our mental boundaries will be at an all-time low allowing our heart and intuitive guidance to emerge.   If you need confirmation that you are on the right track or guidance in general, you are about to receive it.  Big Time!!!

Take the time for meditation, prayer, journaling, nature walks and rest.  You’ll never feel more alive as you receive Life and all it’s abundance – revealing insightful information.

These insights represent your Passions, Potential and Life’s Purpose.  They are your Truths!  They are your unique identity, your calling, your natural gifts, your talents, and your authentic self. They are propelling you forward – to take the first step.  These baby steps will multiply and gain speed as you speak these truths to others, sharing your uniqueness with love and compassion.

We are all on our way – discovering a Path of Purpose with Infinite Opportunities.

2011 Forecast – A Year of Passions, Potential & Purpose

What an exciting year!!! You hold in your hand a magic wand – along with dedication, focus, and commitment – to create  a fresh new and healthier lifestyle.

This year we will have many inspirational ideas (11) and the ability to give them form (2011 = 4).  2+0+1+1 = 4.  According to Numerology, 4 represents building – laying the foundation for a new life plan.   In 1876 the first telephone patent was taken out by Alexander Bell – a perfect example of a 4 year where slow and careful building expressed itself in permanent and useful terms.

If your new vision is important enough, be willing to do the necessary work.

Lose the fear and replace it with faith, then anything is possible!  Fear comes from uncertainty.  Once you clarify your goals, the navigation will become clear.

Keep yourself focused on those things you want to improve in 2011.  Let your values guide you.

Step out of your comfort zone, there’s a bigger world out there than you can imagine and it’s waiting to be explored.


~ Simplify:  Eliminate activities that do not represent your values (your natural gifts and passions)

~ Focus:  Whatever you are involved in, whether creating web content, washing the dishes or listening to another, give it your full attention.

~ Commit:   When you commit, commit whole-heartedly!  What you commit to, should reflect your values – Only! Wishy-washy will never do, or waiting to see if you feel like it.

Look at your life as a blank slate.  Beginning as a rough draft, enter only what is truly important.  Let your wildest dreams prevail!  Remain grounded, but not stuck.  Keep flexible, yet not scattered and let the ride begin.

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing”  Helen Keller




Take the day to reflect on your current and future goals.

Are they still as important to you as before?  Or are they a bit outdated?

Do your goals and plans reflect your natural gifts, passions and life’s purpose?  Do they still excite you?

Does your future’s vision include compassion, sharing and paying it forward?

Take a step back to view your life with a larger perspective.

Lastly, commit – really commit!!! – to live your truths and your life’s purpose.

Unlimited Possibilities

Today I will remember that when I think without limits, the entire world is open to me. ~ LRS

In what ways do you limit yourself?  Take a brief moment to really think about this question.

Quickly jot down on a piece of paper anything that comes to your mind and heart.  Do you limit your self expression believing no one wants to hear what you have to say or your artistic ability because you compare yourself to other artists.   Perhaps you refrain from living your passions because you think expressing your passions is not living responsibly.

Now take a moment to envision what living without limits would look like.  If anything is possible, which it truly is, what would your next thought or action be?  Do I detect a smile on your face  :-)

Three Desires For Life Fulfillment

After taking a pole with many of my clients, I find that no matter their age (ranging from 18- 90) they all have the very same three desires in life.  Can you imagine what they would be?

#1 – Their Purpose:  What did I come in to this life to manifest and live out?

#2 – To Understand and Live Their Passions:  What has really excited me in the past and am still passionate about now?  Or perhaps new ideas not yet experienced, but none the less are heart-felt desires.

#3 – To Contribute Back:  How can I use my Passions and Purpose as a means to give back?

This is the time to live Your life to it’s fullest, not someone else’s.  Stop right now!  Express to a friend and/or loved one your passionate desires on how you plan to live your Life’s Purpose.  Don’t be shy!

Healthy Relating

What is your idea of  healthy relationships?  Is it one that’s nurturing, supportive and empowering?  One that allows you to excitedly share all of your crazy ideas without judgement.  One that cares enough to talk over disagreements and misunderstandings so they don’t fester and cause resentment later.  One that enjoys the sharing of each other’s recent activities and listens intently.

Please take a few moments right now to journal this question.  It’s perfectly alright for some of your ideas to represent what no longer works……… get to what does work.

December will be a wonderful month to redefine how you wish to relate to others and how you wish others to relate to you. According to Numerology, December is a 6 universal month which will bring our focus to Loving Relationships, Community, Education, and Health.

Enjoy the Love & Sharing  :-)

November 22nd

According to Numerology, 22 is a Master Number and is written 22/4.  It represents unlimited power with dreams taking form leaving tangible achievements.

I always use the 22nd day as if I am the master builder with my motives being more Universal rather than just personal.  For example, I may decide to organize a Heartstorming group to support each other’s dreams and passions.  Or I may receive an on-line invitation to become a member of a sustainability organization.  Perhaps I devise a practical solution to one of my mole hills that I’ve made into a mountain :-)  Maybe I launch a new project or business that I’ve been building.  Or simply getting some of my affairs in order (that I’ve put off) so as to free me up in a larger way.

This is truly a day of Infinite Possibilities and a day to live your Purpose, Passions and Potential.  Go for it!

I’d love to hear back how you intend to use this opportunity from a more Spiritual and Idealistic angle?

The Beach

Upon arriving, I peer out the window of my old school hopeful and full of promise that my limiting thoughts of the past several days will be washed away.

The feel of the soft sand on my bare feet takes me straight to my heart.  I take a deep breath and slowly sigh.  The walls of my  old school begin melting away with the sun’s warmth and brilliance and I am back to my heart’s connection.

Even though the old school no longer works, I periodically attempt to relive it in agony and frustration thinking old and outdated thoughts.  But here at the ocean’s edge I am able to see my home of truths where newness and spontaneity live.

Am I Happy?

Am I happy? Don’t know.  What defines happiness?  An enjoyable activity, a new possession or anticipation of a vacation?

Am I happy? Don’t know.  Ask me next hour as perceptions may change with each moment.

Am I happy?  Stop, I Do Know!  Happiness does not depend on ever changing emotions, happiness does not come from things and situations.  Happiness originates in the intimate relationship with yourself and others, in living from your heart, from your positive thoughts, in the small everyday things, from taking your passions and replicating them into a lifestyle which includes compassion for others.

Ask yourself – When am I the happiest? Then…………………………… more of that.  It’s rather simple, yet life changing. You will slowly but surely begin to line up with your true Life’s Purpose.  That’s all, just live your joys!!!

Am I happy?  Yes I am!

Don’t Worry Too Much It Will Happen To You

Have you ever met up with someone that you immediately connect with on a soul level?  On a level so deep that you can’t find words to convey?  So powerful that it knocks you off track?  So intense that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry? If not, don’t worry too much it will happen to you!

A small voice in you says I recognize you from long ago.   I remember feeling this way, without all the shoulds, the protective walls; a carefree childlike-ness that bubbles up from your core. If not, don’t worry too much it will happen to you!!

You are OK with feeling vulnerable because you feel safe – no fears.  You are OK with letting go of control because you are healing lifetimes of struggle.  You are OK with revealing the skeletons in your closet because you feel such openness.  Don’t worry too much it will happen to you!!!

As a life coach I hear so many transformational stories related to reconnecting with your Passions, Potential and Life Purpose – feeling unlimited possibilities.   Above is a personal story when it happened to me!

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