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Victoria Helm's Personal MappingReceiving

What does receiving mean to you?  What thoughts and feelings come up when you hear the word?  Does the word conjure up visions of people handing you money and gifts?
Receiving is not so much about being pro-active, mentally planning what and how you wish to receive (not that it can’t happen that way)  But it is more about getting out of your own way, so to speak……… Receiving with no expectations, being in a state of wonder, awe, curiosity and serendipity.
Whether you are receiving inner guidance, or external happenings, receiving requires a heart connection, surrendering to the moment verses thinking of the future or past.  Perhaps instead of driving to your local coffee/tea house, you decide to walk.  When walking, you become more aware visually….the breath-taking views you’ve never had the time to notice, birds in flight, soaring with the wind currents, the brilliant and contrasting colors of flowers in bloom, the moon still available for viewing in early morning, the smells of freshly mowed grass or of a wood stove needed for the early morning chill.  Or perhaps you meet someone new and intriguing that lives just down the road.
Feminine in nature, receiving is the yang verses the yin…..the parasympathetic response verses flight or flight.  BEing in the Moment.


Take the time to Receive.  For one whole day, one afternoon or at least one hour, allow time for receiving – during which you consciously let go of controlling any of your thoughts and activities, or planning what you’ll do after your receiving period is over :)  Pretend you are a child on a new adventure; being, walking, or biking somewhere you’ve never been before.
See with new eyes, feel with new senses and hear with new ears…..the world and your surroundings.  This is your vacation, a vacation from your life of shoulds, heaviness and difficulty.  And you’ll find the more you take time to receive, the more it will naturally become a part of your lifestyle, creating balance and a peaceful-ness.  This will be your awesome gift for allowing yourself to Receive.

Be well, happy and joy-filled…………….

My Sabbatical and a Gift to you

It’s time for a Sabbatical…

[definition: a period of leave from work for research, study, or travel]

Perhaps you’ve noticed my ‘What’s in the Air?’ updates on Facebook have not been available lately. The insights continue to stream through me more than ever, and yet it is time for a much needed sabbatical which includes minimal online presence, except for Personal Mapping sessions and your emails, of course.

You see, Personal Mapping is not work, it’s my life’s purpose!  To assist others to live and breathe their Truths, reflecting back to them their brilliance…..asking the question over and over:

  “who am I?” who am I?  who am I REALLY?!  

The process of using Personal Mapping, results in self empowerment which leads to the ability to truly understand yourself and create a new life plan, a new life style, a new direction, a new way of living.  When you see your Truths, your Brilliant Authentic Self, life begins unfolding in miraculous ways.  And that is why I am also offering the gift of a 20% discount on a Personal Mapping session for the entire month of May!  If this is timely for any situations or questions in your life right now, all the better!

So my sabbatical begins and I am filled with joy knowing I am giving myself the time to refocus my own life, to travel, to see old friends, to meet new ones and to continue my learning to share with all of you.

Many Blessings,



Spiritual Awakenings

The month of December will offer Unlimited Opportunities to connect with Source, plus provide answers to your most Heart-Felt questions.

December is a 7 month and according to Numerology,  7 represents authenticity.  You’ll find that you are continuously being pulled back to your Values the values you place on every area of your life.  Perhaps you see more than ever, personal thoughts, feelings and activities that hold you back – that block available gifts that would result in an abundant life.

December will guide you with the knowing that you are strong and empowered and that your power comes from within rather than externally.

And with this inner strength and power, you are able to manifest the life you have only dreamed of – a life without hardships.

You’ll find that it is possible to take more time for enjoyed creative pursuits and eliminate many of your endless duties.

What have you put off for the last year or perhaps for most of your life?  Take a moment to review what these may be.  Better yet, take the entire month to review.

Begin the practice of journaling.  Begin with 15 minutes.  Pick a time right now and commit.  Perhaps you will use the 7 o’clock hour, either am or pm.  Tell yourself that this one act will begin eliminating emotional dramas and put you in touch with the Unlimited Opportunities available.  And this 15 minutes will pave the way to begin living an authentic life based on your values.

Open yourself up to be a clear channel to your secret desires, your Passions and Purpose.  Tap into your Potential.

Then expect the Unexpected!!

Discover your right place in the world.

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Looking for Perfection

Victoria Helm- Personal Mapping

Looking for Perfection

I found myself driving around my small community searching for the perfect spot to sit and enjoy my lunch.  I had made it conditional. I would not stop until I found a place in the warmth of the sun, a bench for my back versus the grass, and most certainly it needed to be by the bay to receive the healing effects of the water.  Up and down the streets I drove until I realized I was becoming tense and if I did not locate the ideal lunch spot soon, my lunch break would be over.  My mind took a life of its own, insisting that I must continue searching or I would not be happy.

When out of the blue, an intense feeling washed over me and it most definitely was not coming from my mind. It was one of those Aha moments, no words, just a knowing that I was going about this in the wrong manner – demanding, controlling and making this exploration for the perfect spot hard and difficult.  I became aware that the perfect place to eat, or anything else for that matter, did not exist!  At that moment of  knowing, I knew I had the ability to see perfection in it all, in every encounter, in every person, and in myself!! All that was required was to look beneath and beyond my preconceived notions.  If I could just surrender to the moment of what is, not attempt to make it anything else and not try to fix it as if it were wrong.

What a beautiful concept… to find perfection in everything.

I was connecting with my heart, a heart that knows only Love.  And from this heart-space I then connected  with my Senses – so many unexpected delights found in the awareness of my senses.  I enjoyed the Sounds of the seagulls communicating to one another, the methodical and calming waves reaching the shore and the happy conversations among the walkers.  The Visuals would soften any one’s heart and melt any body tension – visually I was witnessing and becoming a part of nature.  Lastly, the Feel of the sun’s warm rays upon my body and within my Soul enveloped me with its blanket.  This simple, yet profound realization allowed me to relish my lunch and surroundings plus receive so many unexpected and spontaneous delights.

To have had this awareness of the perfection in absolutely everything is an insight I will not likely forget!!!



Victoria Helm

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November – The Month of Love & Gratitude

Love & Graditude

Love & Graditude

It’s time to stop and consider all you have and give THANKS!

As a Numerologist, I consider November to be a 6 month.   With Venus as it’s ruler,  6 represents Love, Togetherness, Forgiveness, Harmony within, Balance, Home & Community.   Interesting that this ties into the American celebration of Thanksgiving.

I’ve witnessed its effects all around me.  People’s hearts are softening, misunderstandings are being cleared up, loved-ones are noticing enchanting qualities in the other and forming new bonds.  Intimate conversations are revealing secret Joys, Passions, Hopes and Dreams as well as Fears.  You may have noticed this too.  If so, I’d love to hear your stories.

Compassion is the name of the game.  Compassion is the focus of the month and the seeds being planted to create a New Us and a New World!

Take the time to really feel the Love within your heart.  Allow this feeling to manifest into a Spirit of generosity and good will to all.  To only think of your own well being and personal desires will bring disappointment and separation.  Do not miss the opportunity to give of yourself.

Since many of you will be celebrating Thanksgiving, a time of sharing food, conversation and blessings with one another, take this time to:

  •  Spread kindness and share what you can.
  •  Note all that you are grateful for, and write it down before you go to sleep.
  •  Find it in your heart to forgive, yourself and others.
  •  Review your lifestyle and rewrite the script.

Remember:  “At the end of the day, Love and Compassion will win” – Terry Waite


Victoria Helm

Personal Mapping

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11-11-11 November 11, 2011



Wow!  That’s a lot of 11’s!  Are you one of the many that is tuned in to 11?  Do you see it on clocks, signs, license plates, house numbers? – they’re out there everywhere.  It seems that once you ‘tune in’ to the vibration, there is no going back.   For those of you familiar with Numerology, 11 is a master number representing Inner Vision.

So…………….what does this all mean for November 11th and 2011?  There are many opinions but the general consensus is truly Awe-inspiring, for we are ascending to a higher frequency of consciousness.  This higher consciousness is more balanced – balanced in masculine and feminine energy.  It’s a wave of potent energy, with an intent to integrate and live your new Truths!

Many are reporting having visions and insights never before experienced.  Intuition is becoming a common occurrence, no longer just for the psychics.  Have you noticed an unusual number of coincidences?  Works of art are being created in a genius capacity.  Inventions, some out of necessity are resolving global issues, yet some are personal aha’ moments.

There is a revelation going on regarding our individual and global ‘Truths’ and you had better get use to it because it’s not going away. Ever!!!  Some key words contained in these Truths are Inspiration, Altruism, Community Support, Balance, Service, Higher Values, and Purposeful Life.

What can you do to take advantage of this unusually powerful vibration?

~ Be conscious throughout your day as it unfolds.

~ Be in receptive mode, it’s not about controlling and manipulating.  It is about receiving.  Allow!

~ Be aware of your inner guidance.  The real magic occurs when we listen.

~ Schedule time to be in nature.

~ Reach out to like-hearted others and have conversations.

~ Get involved in a Movement you hold dear to your heart.

~ Replace mistaken thoughts and actions that have set up negative circumstances with ones that are more in line with your new Truths.

~ Lastly, have Patience with yourself and others, as there is no quick fix, steps can not be skipped!

These testing and challenging times have the potential to create something worthwhile; a glimpse into your Purpose or perhaps a Better World!

The Time Is NOW!!!

The Time is Now

The Time is Now!

So….Are you feeling the pressure to upgrade your life?  To walk your talk?  To live your Truths, Passions, in a Purposeful way?

We have a choice to either live a Purposeful life or suffer a meaningless existence.  The choice as always, is yours.

There has never been a time in history that offers such unlimited opportunities – opportunities to live our passions as a means to give back.  When we are living out our Passions, our lives become purposeful, exciting and abundant.  We feel Alive! Youthful! Expectant!  We begin replacing hopelessness  with anticipation & optimism, fear with faith, stress and seriousness with lightness & playfulness.  As a result, we begin making a significant difference in other’s lives and a significant difference in the world!

You Must take the time NOW – there is never a better time than NOW.  Next year may be too late.  Step away from your hurried days filled with never ending to do’s and always needing to catch-up.  Breathe……….  Breathe in life.  Breathe out your love, your passions, your Genius!  Gently take your pen in hand and begin creating your new life in all it’s glory.  See it, Feel it, Sense it, Smell it, Taste it.  For it is Real, not an illusion, not in the future, but right now.  Yes, NOW!  You are literally giving your ideas form.  The momentum has begun. Why in the world would you choose to block this beautiful momentum from manifesting with doubt or hesitancy?

Yes, the time is Now and not tomorrow!  Breathe…………………………….


JumpStart your life with Victoria’s assistance.  Call or Email to enroll and take advantage of her 2, 3 or 5 Day Unique Support System for creating a fresh, new Life Plan that represents your Truths and desires.



‘ I have had sessions with Victoria in the past and have always gotten a lot out of them, but this was different, I got SO MUCH MORE!  The level of attention, the accountability that she makes sure you hold yourself to, the results are amazing.  I cannot recommend Victoria Helm enough and her new program, try it!’  Irene B. Santa Fe, NM


‘ Thank you Victoria!  I got more done working with you in 3 days than I have in the past 9 years!  Thanks for putting the fire under my seat and all the inspiration!’


Victoria Helm

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Powerful Tools for Attracting Abundance!

tools for attracting abundance

Tools to use to Attract Abundance

These are truly Amazing and Abundant times we are in. However it may be difficult to avoid the feelings of being on a roller coaster ride with it’s many personal ups and downs.

Please don’t allow yourself to get caught in the external turbulence, as you have your own internal battles to fight. Actually it’s not about fighting nor battling it’s more about discovering – discovering your Truths!

Ask yourself what are my Truths?  What excites me? How can I be myself, not my shoulds or anyone else’s expectations.

If you haven’t done so, you MUST take the time to look at every area of your life and clear out the clutter.  What no longer works for you?  What no longer represents your Passions, Purpose and Potential? As you are clearing out, begin replacing what does not work with what Does Work. It’s a process, so go at a speed that works for you – But Go!  Move Forward!!  Just Do It!!!

This is a time of self-actualization. Self-actualization is not about Ego or selfishness, It is living your unique Natural Gifts and Passions in a Purposeful way – Living out your Life’s Purpose as a way of life and a means to give back with Compassion & Love – Waking up in the morning with enthusiasm and excitement at the day’s potential.  This is truly an Abundant Life!


#1 – Focus: You must stay focused so every thought, feeling & activity represents your goals, intentions & desires.

#2 – Meditation, Prayer, Stillness: Make the time

#3 – Live your Passions: What truly excites you – your natural gifts, talents, your unique Being

#4 – Contribute – Give Back: Share your gifts and resources with others.

#5 – View the world with New Eyes: See the beauty in people, nature, everything that surrounds you

#6 – Family and Friends: Bonding with others – enjoying supportive & intimate connections

#7 – Living in the Moment: Makes you less apt to miss out on many awesome opportunities

#8 – Gratitude: Appreciation for the little things in your life

#9 – Allowing: Letting go of control and allowing your Desires to manifest

#10 – Partake in nature’s abundance: Have fun Playing outdoors

#11 – Don’t sweat the small stuff: Focus instead on your Purpose & Passions

Live Passionately with Purpose!  Life is Grand!!

Contact me for support with processing and giving form to your ideas and insights.  Bring Passion back into your life by knowing who you are and where you are going  – truly living your Life’s Purpose!

Victoria Helm

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Nature Will Show You the Way!

Let Nature Show You The Way

Nature will show you the way

I just had the most beautiful experience!!! relaxing in the warm embrace of a hot tub while visually taking in the spectacular views that surround and nurture me.  I remind myself to never forget the power nature has to absorb my negativity and fears.  The immense redwoods are next to me representing the strong and protective Father and the ocean far below just past the valley is the Mother who sooths my emotional body.  I feel I’m in Heaven!

As I sit here above the fog line with the clouds high overhead, I get a feeling of existing between two worlds.  One World that’s gentle, where “everything is going to be alright”, where there is no separation, where oneness, compassion and Love IS the reality.  And the other World?  You know, the one with all the chatter, worry and struggle.  We always have a choice!  Guess which World I choose – Yes the same one you want too.  Why would I or anyone else wish to live life  any other way?

Allow nature to show you the way – pointing to a life where you can easily express your Passions, Purpose & Potential.  A life that consists of living Your Truths, not someone else’s.  A life where you fully breath in all the Universal support and breath out Compassion and Love for All.

Step outdoors for a moment – Promise yourself you will.  Let nature into your heart, talk to her, let her have your worries and fears. Take in her wisdom and unconditional Love.  Envision right now what life could look like.  BE………….. in nature and the answers will be revealed.

Here’s my challenge to you:

~ Schedule Nature Time this weekend.  Write it down – include it in your daily calendar as a requirement just like eating & sleeping.  Perhaps you’ll decide to explore a new area, play catch in the park, have an outdoor picnic, or begin a garden.  Have fun Heart-Storming your ideas.

~ Enjoy & Relax! While outdoors, truly BE in the moment without thinking of the to-do’s that await you once you get back to the house.  Assume a child’s attitude of playfulness, innocence and curiosity.

~ Replay your experience at the end of the day by talking about it, sharing it with others, journaling and feeling ever so grateful for life and your freedom to choose.   What has nature taught you?  I’ll be waiting for your responses :-)

~ Lastly, Contact me for support with processing and giving form to your ideas and insights.  Bring Passion back into your life by knowing who you are and where you are going  – truly living your Life’s Purpose!

Victoria Helm

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Say Yes to More Leisure Time

Does just the thought of Leisure make your heart sing?

Say Yes to Leisure

Say Yes to More Leisure Time

What would happen if you kept the feeling of Leisure in your presence throughout the day?  Would you find that your thoughts, feelings and activities would take on a different tone?  Perhaps just the idea would lift your spirits.  And this very act could attract more luck to you.  Others would receive your good vibes, be more attracted to your sense of well being and offer their support and friendship.  Could this build a bond between you and easy solutions, rather than every action being so difficult?  Might many of your so-called problems lose their potency, seeing them with fresh new eyes?

Take the challenge!  Hold Leisure in your presence and see what results.  By going about your day in a more Leisurely manner you might find that you begin enjoying your life and also get more accomplished.  When we’re with the flow, there seems to be less bumps in  the road.  Who’d of thought :-)

Make Leisure your mantra.

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