11-11-11 November 11, 2011



Wow!  That’s a lot of 11’s!  Are you one of the many that is tuned in to 11?  Do you see it on clocks, signs, license plates, house numbers? – they’re out there everywhere.  It seems that once you ‘tune in’ to the vibration, there is no going back.   For those of you familiar with Numerology, 11 is a master number representing Inner Vision.

So…………….what does this all mean for November 11th and 2011?  There are many opinions but the general consensus is truly Awe-inspiring, for we are ascending to a higher frequency of consciousness.  This higher consciousness is more balanced – balanced in masculine and feminine energy.  It’s a wave of potent energy, with an intent to integrate and live your new Truths!

Many are reporting having visions and insights never before experienced.  Intuition is becoming a common occurrence, no longer just for the psychics.  Have you noticed an unusual number of coincidences?  Works of art are being created in a genius capacity.  Inventions, some out of necessity are resolving global issues, yet some are personal aha’ moments.

There is a revelation going on regarding our individual and global ‘Truths’ and you had better get use to it because it’s not going away. Ever!!!  Some key words contained in these Truths are Inspiration, Altruism, Community Support, Balance, Service, Higher Values, and Purposeful Life.

What can you do to take advantage of this unusually powerful vibration?

~ Be conscious throughout your day as it unfolds.

~ Be in receptive mode, it’s not about controlling and manipulating.  It is about receiving.  Allow!

~ Be aware of your inner guidance.  The real magic occurs when we listen.

~ Schedule time to be in nature.

~ Reach out to like-hearted others and have conversations.

~ Get involved in a Movement you hold dear to your heart.

~ Replace mistaken thoughts and actions that have set up negative circumstances with ones that are more in line with your new Truths.

~ Lastly, have Patience with yourself and others, as there is no quick fix, steps can not be skipped!

These testing and challenging times have the potential to create something worthwhile; a glimpse into your Purpose or perhaps a Better World!

3 Responses to “11-11-11 November 11, 2011”

  • Nicole:

    What an exciting time Victoria! Life is moving so fast, hurling forward but I feel calm in the middle of the storm. It’s like I’m starting to get it. I feel like the movie The Matrix – where all the sudden the actor opens his eyes and really sees truth for the first time. Like everything is exactly the same but I’m different and therefore everything is different – different for the better. Kind of like everything is feeding off each other…one positive thing to another. That calm joyfulness is possible while moving forward at lightning speed – doing, thinking, growing and feeling. I like this “11-11-11” time. Thank you for sharing Victoria!

  • Alice:

    Thanks for sharing Victoria! For me, it feelings like there is more movement and more opportunities opening up and moving fast.

  • Mary:

    Thanks, Victoria. I really resonated with the number of coincidences happening around me…it’s a feeling of really being connected with people more and more. I am getting out in nature more and really giving my inner guides a chance to speak and for me to listen. I am eager to see what the rest of 2011 brings and am looking forward to 2012. Thanks again.

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