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Live what is in your heart and put your heart in to what you live
– Victoria Helm

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Q. What is your mission and vision for the work you do?
A. My sincere wish and mission is to encourage freedom in everyone to live their passions and natural gifts as a way of life and a means to give back. I hope to instill in others deep enthusiasm for taking on their lives. To believe in themselves. To be accountable for their choices. And to never lose hope, no matter how challenging their circumstances. I have a deep passion to help others discover who they truly are — to see them happy, hopeful and empowered through understanding themselves and their life cycles.

Q. What caused you to choose life coaching as a profession?
A. Life Coaching chose me! My story began over 20 years ago when I was newly divorced with a small child. I was catapulted into a new life with everything about to change. It was a significant crossroads — become defeated — a victim of circumstances or rise to the demands of change. Fortunately, I chose the latter. Learning and growing became my focus. I took the much needed time to discover who I was — my truths, my natural gifts, talents… what I was passionate about.

This knowledge provided a compass, enabling me to envision an exciting new life with boundless possibilities. I remember distinctly driving my daughter to our new home with such a sense of freedom and joy, knowing that our lives were opening to infinite opportunities. And I’ve never looked back. That decision was the catalyst for the work I now do and love.

My interest in numerology came after meeting a numerologist who presented everything in such a practical manner that it not only made sense, but all of her information was extremely accurate. She also told me that I was here to help others with structure, to bring order and understanding to their lives. This deeply resonated. I was intrigued and began to diligently study numerology, astrology and different aspects of positive psychology. I eventually began offering sessions in the meeting room of a healing center, discovering that I absolutely loved life coaching and counseling others.

Q. What is Personal Mapping and how does it serve your clients?
A. 22 years ago, I formulated the Personal Mapping System by integrating diverse tools for understanding one’s natural gifts. The information found in the individual’s numerology and astrology charts, coupled with my intuitive life transformational coaching guidance, defines the starting point. It reveals to my clients their natural talents and passions, empowering them to focus and declare their direction.

We then collectively put together a personal map to direct their course in order to fulfill those desires. I provide ongoing structure, guidance and encouragement according to individual need. Some see me just on occasion, when life’s changes or challenges present themselves.  Many choose ongoing guidance to assist in staying focused on their path. There are constant changes in our evolving universe, naturally affecting our personal course and circumstances. I help by increasing awareness along the way so choices are made consciously — assisting clients in taking advantage of the enormous opportunities, the infinite possibilities awaiting their natural gifts.

I often use the analogy of taking a road trip — you wouldn’t take a trip across the country without a road map.  Even though you have your destination, you need to know how to get there, what your choices are — the shortest or most scenic route, less-traveled roads or main highways, avoiding delays or road blocks, etc. It holds true with our lives as well.

Many of us feel we know where we want to go, but we still want confirmation and a plan in how we’re going to get there. Personal Mapping defines not only the uniqueness of the individual, but their particular life cycles; not just who they are, but when and how to take action. Together, we explore interests and opportunities, define career choices and changes, set intentions and goals, and metaphorically, draw a road map to get to the desired destination.

Q. Is your life coaching helpful to all ages?
A. Absolutely! All ages can and do benefit from the Personal Mapping System. I often work with parents who want to know about their small children or newborns — it helps  them understand their personalities and how to best nurture their individuality.  I also work with teens who find great value in being heard and validated. It gives them a better sense of who they are amidst all the confusion they inevitably face and instills a desire to be accountable for their choices.  Couples mediation is a common usage also — it helps them to open or improve dialogue, resolve conflict through understanding themselves and each other. It is beneficial to all ages and walks of life when choosing or changing careers, experiencing relationship problems, or making a variety of life choices.

Q. What can your clients expect from their first session?
A. In our first session, I lay the foundation by finding the core of the individual, their traits, patterns, specific cycles, etc. Most of the time we’re too close to ourselves to get an objective view, so combining my expertise with their commitment, clients gain a clearer sense of self, discovering their passion and purpose, clarity in making conscious choices, and increased confidence to design their own lives. Through gaining a sense of direction and structure, most of my clients also experience reduced stress. They leave inspired, focused and empowered to take on their lives with renewed energy and optimism.

I see the unique potential in everybody and with intuition and compassion, am able to reflect to them who they are,
to validate and inspire them. They begin to see the whole picture; the connection between who they are, the issues that confront them and the natural gifts and talents they have to offer the world.

.….Victoria has provided me with coaching / counseling over the past 6 years which has proven to be invaluable in better understanding myself and the way I run my business. She is a person of high integrity and is very supportive. I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in personal development. Mike, Tennessee



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